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Our ye

Our ye

We Have Been Busy Bees!

Over the last few weeks we have been so busy, that we havent had a chance to update you all!

We have had great fun playing Maths Games, using our number facts knowledge (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).


Cup Telephones!

Last week explored the concept of sound by making Cup Telephones. In keeping with our New Years Resolutions we were explorers, scientists and inventors. The boys embraced the challenge and set to work with enthusiasm! We learned that sound is energy that we hear made by things that vibrate. Our voices create sound waves that vibrate through the cup, along the taut string into the other cup! The general consensus on it - "It was really cool"!1517007199.jpg1517007202.jpg1517007205.jpg

It's the New Year!

2018 has arrived in Prefab 6 and we are set and committed to our resolutions!! Our new door display is in place to remind us every day of our tremendous capabilities. Every day in our class we are: Artists, Important, Unstoppable, Explorers, Achievers, Equal, Teammates, Historians, Musicians, Friends, Mathematicians, Actors, Scientists, Inventors, Writers and last but not least, we are Respected. 


Santa Dash 2017!


We had a fantastic festive time taking part in the Santa Dash 2017!


Our first 4 runners across the line-

Max, Fionn, Eoghan and Oscar!


Penguin Mad in Prefab 6!


We went Penguin mad in Prefab 6, from our exploration of Tom Crean and his exciting expeditions to the lives of Polar animals! Each penguin was drawn by the boys and each one has their own individual personalities and quirks - just like ourselves!!

The Sam Maguire Comes to Visit!

On Novemember 7th 2017, Bernard Brogan came to visit the boys of St. John Bosco's! The boys from Prefab 6 loved this experience and were captivated by both the cup and Bernard. They listened attentively to what he had to say during his inspirational talk. Maybe there will be future Dublin stars right here in Prefab 6! Up the Dubs!!




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