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Fighting Words Workshop



On Wednesday the 29th of January, Room 9 went to The fighting Words Workshop. It was located in Dublin 1 across the road from Croke Park. We travelled by bus.




Before we entered the workshop, we noticed an animation on display. We met Sara in the reception. Sara asked us to get our name tags, our photo taken and put our belongings at the window. Then we got to meet the 'magic door'. The magic door was actually a bookcase. This door could only be opened by saying a password. The password was "Slippery banana, hippopotamus, gobblefunk" It didn't work for the first time, nor did it work the second time BUT ALAS it worked for the third time.


We entered the special room. We met Emme and Matt. Emme directed us towards writing our story and Matt did the typing. They helped us to create the story 'The big Slip' before we continued with our own illustrations and endings in a seperate space with help from a number of volunteers.



"It was really good and we got to write our own story" - Larry

"I thought that it was really good because we all got to get involved" - Conor

"I liked it because I thought it did a good job of teaching us literacy and how to write stories" - Dan

"The illustrator created some good drawings for 'The Big Slip'" - Ethan M

"I liked that we could either illustrate or write" - Donagh

"My favourite part was when we got to write the book because we got to do whatever we wanted at the end of the story" - Luca



Australia - Aboriginal Artwork


This week we started learning all about Australia and we even tried our 'hand' at creating some Aboriginal Artwork. The boys made some wonderful pieces that will be up on display outside our classroom.

Check out some of the images below.

1578664113.jpg 1578664111.jpg1578664087.jpg1578664082.jpg


Happy Christmas from Room 9

On the final day of term we went to The Phoenix Park for a Santa Stroll. The boys and teachers dressed up in their most festive of clothes and sang Christmas carol's, told jokes to each other and even managed to get every car, truck, van and cement mixer to give them a 'beep' along the journey. It was a great occasion for all of those who took part.

"It was very fun because of the great atmosphere" - Theodore.

"The beeping and yelling to 'beep' was very annoying" - Luke (the main culpret of the 'beep' yelling).

"I liked it because I think the boys got a lot of much needed exercise" - Dan 'The Man'.

"Mr. Gaffney guided us around a caterpillar and saved it's life :) " - Ethan M.

All that's left to say from us all in Room 9 is that we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

1576837564.jpg 1576837557.jpg 1576837555.jpg 1576837553.jpg


The 'Annual' Sam Maguire Visit

I think that even our non-native Dublin staff have a soft spot for Dublin winning The Sam Maguire at this rate.

Bernard Brogan, accompanied by former pupil and Dublin team-mate, Seán Bugler, gave the boys a number of inspirational messages on how they too can become the best at what they aim to be.

We heard a lot about dedication, hard work and commitment but the most important message was about trying our best and never giving up, even when it seems like the only option.

No doubt the boys in Room 9 will go on to achieve so much in the future and I think that they can take a lot from the inspirational messages that we received this day.


Tadhg's Space Blog

Tadhg Sheridan is our school 'Space Expert' and he has kindly offered his space expertise to our class blog. Each week Tadhg will be bringing us information on the planets. If there is anything to know about space, then Tadhg is the man to go to. Be prepared because Tadhg is about to take you out of this world with his blog.


Our Superb Scandinavia Projects

The boys went to extreme lengths to produce some incredible pieces to display in Room 9. The parents during the recent round of PT Meetings were ecstatic to see such incredible pieces produced by our incredibly talented students.

We had wooden shields, oil rigs, a diarama of Hammerfest and many more Viking and Norway based projects. The boys went all out and their efforts have been recognised throughout the school. Check out a selection of the masterpieces below:

1576087963.jpg 1576087845.jpg 1576087847.jpg 1576087960.jpg 1576087955.jpg 1576087958.jpg 1576088945.jpg

Did you know? Hammerfest is not a festival dedicated to hammers. It is in fact the most Northerly city in Norway and was the first city in Europe to have street lights.

Fun Fact Vikings used to treat their swords like family, so much so that they used to name them. Our class 'sword' has been nicknamed Barry.


Finally we are able to get online and start sharing with you the hard work and excitement that is constant in Room 9.

The start of the year has been immense, with boys representing the school at cross-country, the Sheldon naming competition, our LEGO lessons and many, many more.

I hope that you will enjoy all of the content that is soon to follow in documenting our 4th class journey!






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