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Experiment from Room 4

How do plants grow?

Before school closures the boys of room four had been undertaking an experiement to see how plants grow. We planted four similar plants as follows: 

1. Plant with soil, water and sunlight (all three conditions)
2. Plant in my press with soil, water. (without sunlight)
3. Plant with water, sunlight. (without soil)
4. Plant with soil, sunlight. (without water)

I have recently been back to room four and checked on our experiment. Here are the results. 


Geography, History and Science Projects

Our Projects

The boys of room four completed a project from a topic of their choice in geography, history or science. They completed amazing work creating lava lamps, crystals, projects on the islands of Ireland, snakes and a tornado. Have a look at their wonderful work. 



Tanzania Project



Room four have been learning all about Tanzania. Here are some of the amazing projects they created from their learning. 


Native Americans


The boys of room four have been learning all about the life of the Native Americans, in particular the Apache tribe and the Inuit tribe. Have a look at the very impressive artwork the boys have created, making their own Totem Poles and Teepees.  





Learning from home

Creating boats

The boys of room four have learned lots about different materials. The boys were challenged to make a boat that could float using materials they have at home. It's safe to say they put alot of thought and creativitiy into making their boats. Well done to all the boys of room four and to those who have sent pictures in. The following boats were created by Aaron, Conor, Charlie, Donal, Harry, Filip, Jun, Luka, Olaf, Olan, Oliver, Oliwier, Ryan, Sam L and Song Chen. Well done boys. 






Learning from home




Excellent work and learning is still happening outside of room four these days. Some of the boys have sent on the excellent projects they undertook in the last few weeks and it is clear to see excellent home learning is happening. Well done on all the great work happening at home, and keep sending in work. 






Wellbeing Week

Kindness Cup Winners

Wellbeing week was a great success in room four. The children were given more opportunities to go to our calm corner during the week and were able to undertake more handbreathing activities and meditation throughout the day. The boys were also introduced to some new initiatives such as the kindness cup. Each day a boy was selected to win the kindness cup. The boys who had won the kindness cup had the difficult choice of selecting the next winner. There were many boys deserving of the award, here are the boys who did win during wellbeing week. Due to its success we will continue using the kindness cup in room four.






World Book Day

World book day celebrations

In celebration of world book day the boys undertook many activities. These included DEAR time everyday, completing a report on their favourite character and examining the importance of sharing books. The boys also got the opportunity to dress up as their favourite character. Here are the boys who dressed up from room 4. 




The boys have been learning to draw from observation in art. They enjoyed selecting their feathers and then replicating these by drawing them to a larger scale. 



Our Brochures

As part of our Geography lessons the boys have been learning how to examine an aerial photo and how to read features on maps. We then examined the differences in rural and urban places by examining the features evident on maps.

The boys learned about and examined tourist destinations in their local environment such as rivers and lakes. We then examined a variety of brochures advertising tourist destinations around Ireland. After composing a list of criteria for a good brochure, the boys then created their own. 



Advent Promises

Advent Promises

In continuing our preparation for Christmas, the boys created Advent promises. They put great consideration and effort into creating these promises.  







The boys in room four have been learning about the meaning of Advent. They have created advent artwork in preparation for Christmas and for the St.John Boscos Senior Boys School Advent competition. The effort put in to this was incrediable as you can see from the finished product. 


Creating houses


Creating Houses

As part of Geography, History and Science room 4 were examining materials used in constructing houses. We focused on examining the materials used in constructing houses and why certain materials have changed while other materials have remained in use over time. The children then using limited resources of lollipop sticks, match sticks and bluetack had to design and make their own houses. The groups were very creative with some even adding a swing and a slide to their garden. 


The Butterfly Lion Artwork

The Butterfly Lion artwork

In room four the boys have read the novel The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. They were very interested in the story and completed artwork based on a scene from the novel. Here is their amazing work creating silhouettes.




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