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Australian Projects




I am writing about our Australian projects.

We were learning a lot about Australia in school because of the recent bushfires, so our teacher asked the class to research Australia more and complete some projects. Some did them in groups, others did them solo.

There was a lot of projects and prizes for the top 3 group winners and also the best solo project. My group got 2nd place and we won a big sationary set each. I made a 3D model of the biggest thing made by aluminium (Paliament House in Canberra) out of lego and tinfoil. We drew a big koala and we wrote all about the cricket, rugby, Ozzie Rules, kangroos, spiders, deadliest animals, Aberiginies and animal facts. 

My friends built the Sydney Harbour Bridge out of lollipop sticks. They came first place and got a 10 euro Eason's voucher, a big bag of chocolate Twirls and a pack of Twistables each.                                                                   

I hope you like my blog! 

Peter S. 

Christmas Art 2019


Advent Art Competition

Hi I am from Room 12 in Saint John Bosco’s SBS.

I’m writing about the Advent Art Competition. This year room 12 are running the Advent Art Competition and I am judging with 4 other people from my class.

The Art Competition is all about Advent which includes Jesus, Mary, The Star, the Angel Gabriel, The Kings and The 3 Wise Men. We got lots of  entries and it was finished on the 18th

We had winners from each stream 2nd up to 6th class. Congratulations to all of the winners.

By Peter.

Letter Writing

This year, room 12 were learning how to write letters, using the correct layout - paragraphs, formal and informal language, where to put the address etc.

We then wrote letters to a person of our choice, from the class. I wrote to my friend Isaac about the match my team were playing.

We had to get our friend's address and wrote it on the envelope.

Ms. Temple gave us stamps and we got to post them in the letter box. It was great fun to receive a letter in the post from your friend! 

By Darragh L.S

Swimming with Room 12


 In room 12 we went swimming every Tuesday for six weeks.

We started on the 5th of November 2019. 

We were going for six weeks however we only did five weeks of swimming as it was called off the third week because of heavy rain.                                       

Room 12 walked from St.John Bosco's down to Inspire Swimming Pool. When we get in, we walked into the changing room and everybody got changed. It only ever takes a minute or two. When we are done, we line up and wait for the other group to come out .When they come out ,we divide into our groups and we start. We do different strokes for about 40 mins and then we get 5 mins free time (chasing, throwing hats to eachother and diving in).

We were swimming from 10:15am to 11:00am... 45 mins                                                                  

Then we came out and we got changed. Some people take five minutes, some people take another 15 minutes! We got our bags and our coats and we walked back to school, ready for some lunch!

By Fionn O'S

Christmas Comics Dec 2019



In English, we were focussing on direct speech so speech bubbles were a good way to show this.

We started making comics by drawing pictures with speech bubbles. 

Then we drew the full comic in our copies as a base in black and white.

When we finished our draft in our copies ...We started on a sheet of paper. If we didn’t finish it at school, we did them at home. You could make them have as many pages as you wanted.

You could have a front cover if you wanted. When finished,we gave our sheets to Ms. Temple.

She stapled the sheets together and then she put the finished comic up on the wall.

By Daragh S

Sale of Work Dec 2019


On Friday the 13 of December, we went to the sale of work in the hall. There was a straw raffle, teddies, toys and games to play and the money we raised went towards 3 different charities. All of the boys in 6th class were the ones selling the items and they had a game where you had to find the Jack out of a deck of cards. There was also Gavin’s magic show and loads more games. They were selling raffle tickets for the big raffle too. Every one had great fun!

By Bobby M

Hot Chocolate Challenge


The Hot Chocolate Challenge

Hi, I am here today to tell you about room 12's HOT CHOCOLATE CHALLENGE!!!!

We had a chance to win hot chocolate, cream, marshmallows, baked treats by our teacher Ms. Temple and a movie. We needed to fill a vase with Christmas pasta to get all of the treats and if the boys were showing bad behaviour, we lost pasta, but when we were good we got them back.

We had been so good and worked so hard to get all of the treats. On Thursday, we got our hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. We also got a cake pop and watched Home Alone! 

We really enjoyed the day.

By Luke.

Our News


Advent Sacred Space


Room 12 are working very hard in the lead up to Christmas.

We are learning all about Advent and how it is a time of preparation for the birth of Jesus.

The boys have created a lovely Advent Sacred Space for our classroom and we think it looks great ! 



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