St. John Bosco SBS St. John Bosco SBS
School information

Normal school hours are 8:50 - 2:30pm with a lunch break at 12:30 - 1:00 pm.

Supervision of, and responsibility for the school yard commences at 8:50am and ends at 2:30pm. .

The school encourages punctuality but accepts that late arrivals do and will happen, but it is most important that lateness does not prevent attendance.


A note should be written to the teacher to explain all pupil absences on the first day after the child returns.

Please write the note in the section at the back of your son's homework diary.

It should be noted that St. John Bosco's has an obligation to report absences over 20 days under the 2000 Education (Welfare) Act.

Home Early

Should a pupil need to be collected from school early, a note from his parent or guardian should be given to the teacher on or before the date in question. The secretary can also be contacted to inform the teacher that a pupil is being collected early.

Pupils are not allowed to leave the school, during school hours without their parent or an adult who has been delegated by their parent.

All pupils should be signed out the secretary's office

No pupils should be collected directly from their classroom.

Student Illness or Accident

In the event of a pupil becoming ill or having an accident, the school will contact the parents or guardian directly by phone at the contact numbers supplied to the school.



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