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Pupils learning at home!



Our parents and pupils have been keeping connected with our teachers and staff through online platforms since the recent school closures. 

Lego Challenges, Boscos Bootcamp, Brain Teasers and more...

Let's have a look at what they've been up to!

Our new school Twitter account


Launching in March 2020, our school twitter account is linking our school community together aswell as reaching out to other schools and establishments around our area. It is great to see a number of daily challenges and ideas shared by our staff and pupils in a bid to keep our minds and bodies active over in these times.

In it's first week, the Twitter account has gained almost 200 new followers!

30 Day Lego Challenge


Carrying on Mr Gaffney's Lego legacy, our boys (and Mr Gaffney) have been sharing their versions of the '30 Day Lego Challenge' with some creative ideas over the past week. 

Well done boys!

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AA8FB576-BA37-45C6-9F96-EA51F2CA2BDF.jpeg 659720E6-F6CC-491F-800D-DCE7986589D8.jpeg

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Mr Mc Carthy's Boscos Bootcamp

Mr Mc Carthy has developed a new motto "Keep your body moving, keep your health improving" while posting daily workout challenges for our Boscos boys! These challenges are not for the faint hearted, so grab your water and make sure you have some energy to complete these tough workouts at home.

Mr Mc Carthy has also given us a nice smoothie recipe!

89170BFB-6262-4363-9268-64FECE792F5C.jpeg76E991C7-6AE5-489B-98BD-9C4BA98443DC.jpegKeeping a healthy diet!

557D8C4A-6B90-46F4-8E93-85DD16E21ED2.jpeg4BB2D338-8CEE-4AE1-8210-232663DA63C6.jpegWell done Aidan!

Mr Kearney's Maths Brain Teasers

It's important to keep our brains busy when we're learning at home. Try these brain teasers from Mr Kearney with your families. More on our Twitter page!

3B8BF9BF-5EEE-46C1-9924-C76825329F22.jpeg A7E4BE4F-84DF-47F0-AD69-2CC0E36D18DF.jpeg64F9CD78-6737-4602-AC6B-C616C9ADF317.jpeg

21E9981D-3800-4FD3-AB2A-238D41D801E2.jpegHow many squares? 728B8F1D-D3C4-4FD9-B0B1-4973CCF59D8C.jpeg


Photos from home!

It's lovely to see parents and pupils share their photos from home learning. Whether it's DEAR time, St. Patrick's Day celebrations, home workouts, mindful colouring or Lego creations.. it is great to see Boscos boys making the most of this challenging time by being creative and having fun!

 78BDFFF4-8738-477E-B03E-E479B1E9E1F7.jpeg86D990FF-ACC4-462B-B761-783360C703C6.pngC7788C62-2D60-40AF-AC92-FE04DC256A8F.jpegGo Jack!

IMG-20200326-WA0007.jpg 43B2F8FE-95C2-48FD-A242-B27DBC46DEFC.jpeg

Mindful Colouring and Relaxation Activities

With social media and the news being accessible on our phones, it is important for us to switch our attention to the present moment and switch off from technology at times too. Ms Temple has a shared a lovely mindful colouring template while Ms Brennan has shared her yoga practice space. 




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