St. John Bosco SBS St. John Bosco SBS
- Boscos Got Talent!

On Friday 9th February our school experienced a day of wonderful talent when the first St John Bosco's talent competition took place. The brain child of Mr. Bourke,Ms O Rourke and Mr.McCarthy, Bosco's Got Talent was such an eagerly awaited event and as the crowd gathered in the hall on Friday at 11:00 one could feel the excitement and building anticipation. The judges were greeted with tremendous applause and when  Ms. Lally, Ms O Rourke, Ms Farrell and surprise judge Ms. Cronin took their seats, everything was finally in place.

The show opened with great dazzle with a dance act from R2. They were followed by a comedy act from R8. From singing and guitar(R9 and R10) to dancing(R3) and drummimg (P3 and 5) along with jokes(P3), poetry (R7),tin whistle and keyboard(R5 and R4) there was an array of talent on show.

Following the interval, we all enjoyed the cupstack challenge(P6) with more hip hop dancing,singing and poetry along with Irish dancing (P6) and piano playing (R8 and 9) and karate (R4)

We all agreed afterwards that it had been an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable experience for everyone. Many thanks to our organisers and judges- Ms O Rourke, Ms Lally and Renia and of course Mr Bourke. Thanks also to Ms.Temple and Ms O Dwyer for much help throughout, Mr.McCarthy and Mr.Barnicle for helping with the music on the day, Ms O Hanlon for help with costume and our star judge Ms Cronin. 

Roll on Bosco's Got Talent 2019!



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