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-Sheldon Factfile!

Sheldon the Tortoise;

Name; Sheldon Bosco the Tortoise
Age; 10 months old
DOB; 27th November 2018
Home; Prefab 1C
Carer; Ms Brennan
Favourite Food; Cucumber, lettuce and tortoise biscuits
Favourite Drink; Water
Happiest when; In a lukewarm bath
Likes; Walking fast, kind boys, vegetables, dark and quiet spaces, homework
Dislikes; Lots of noise, meat, climbing

We have been delighted in St. John Bosco SBS to welcome our first school pet to our school community.
In early September 2019, we had a school wide competition to name our pet tortoise and there were many deserved winners from classes throughout our school. A fantastic effort was made by the boys in making Sheldon feel very welcome and it was extremely difficult to choose the winning name... SHELDON.
Sheldon has been looked after by staff and pupils alike and we are very excited to share some photos of what he has been up to. Aswell as regular exercise, Sheldon gets fresh water and food each day in his tank. He also has a lukewarm bath twice weekly and we brush his shell with a toothbrush. His tank needs to remain warm and humid, so we make sure we check on him a few times each day.
Sheldon has been an exciting addition to our St. John Bosco Senior boy's family, and we look forward to sending you some updates throughout this school year!



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