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Science Blast 2020:

Ms. O Dwyer & Ms. Minagh’s 6th class boys had an absolute blast at the recent Science blast competition. The boys in Room 1 & Room 11 attended the competition on Wednesday 4th March in the RDS. Hundreds of schools attended over the course of the week & there was a huge amount of work put in by all schools.

To enter the Science Blast the boys must come up with an interesting science question. They must then research their question & present their findings to the judges who visit each stand on the day.

Room 1 came up with a very interesting question

 ‘How does exercise affect our bodies?’

They boys ran laps over a number of weeks & tracked their heart rate & also the effects they could feel on their heart. They also researched how exercise affects the lungs & brain.

Room 11 were busy researching a very topical question ‘How much bacteria is in our classroom?’

 Over the course of a few weeks, they boys grew bacteria after taking samples from different parts of our classroom. The result of this experiment was very interesting & not what we had predicted at all!

The boys received incredible feedback from the judges on the day & arrived back with two trophies for the school. They conducted themselves brilliantly on the day and should be proud of all their hard work on this project!

IMG-20200305-WA0005.jpg  IMG-20200305-WA0004.jpgIMG-20200305-WA0008.jpg IMG-20200305-WA0003.jpg

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